Lampe Berger

 Lampe Berger

Fragrancers from France

What are Lampe Berger Fragrancers used for?

Lampe Berger fragrancers cleanse the air, remove cooking and other odours and fragrance a room in the most delightful way possible - Mimi Yuyu is Bath's exclusive stockist of fragrancers (burners) and fragrances - over two dozen fresh, exotic aromas. Lampe Berger purifies the air and its bactericidal effect lasts for 24 hours, destroying 68% of bacteria in the air.

Is it easy to use?

"Yes" - the Lampe Berger  fragrancer comes with simple instructions and is safe to use. Just add the fragrance oil, then insert the wick/burner, and allow the wick to soak for 20 minutes. Light the burner for two minutes and extinguish. The aroma is then distributed into the room with almost immediate effect.           


All lamps are presented in a pre-packed gift box with sample bottle, wick/burner, a re-fill funnel and a Users' Manual. Available in 500ml. sizes; we stock more than two dozen different fragrances which are available in 16.9 fl. oz. and 33.8 fl. oz bottles.

After the purifying process occurs, the fragrance disperses into the air. Forty five minutes are all that is necessary to fragrance a room of up to 300 square feet.

Developed by Monsieur Maurice Berger, a pharmaceutical chemist, each lamp features a patented catalytic burner that destroys odours and helps purify the air.

The Lampe Berger is successful at eliminating a wide range of odours, including:

Cigarette smoke; Cooking odours; Pet odours;
  Paint & decorating fumes;
  Many other forms of household pollution